Our Team

Our Team provides a wide range of community based primary health care services with an approach that integrates disease prevention and health promotion into the traditional process of diagnosing and managing patients with acute and chronic disease.

Primary Care Services include: 

  • Diagnosis, management and support for patients with both acute and chronic physical and mental health problems.
  • Health promotion and disease prevention are integrated into daily health care   services.
  • We are committed to integration with other community service providers to optimize the well being of our patients and community.
  • We link to specialty based services in Kingston and Perth.
  • We host Outreach Programs at the Sharbot Lake Family Health Team including: Asthma, COPD, C-Pap, South East Ontario Vision Loss Rehabilitation Services and Geriatric Psychiatry Outreach.
  • We are an Academic Family Health Team and often have Residents and medical students from Queen’s Faculty of Medicine, and other universities participating in the delivery of health care.
Our Team
Lead Physician: Dr. Peter Bell, M.D., CCFP
Physician:  Dr. Danny Cunic, M.D.
Nurse Practitioner: Carla Gunn, RN(EC), BNSc
Psychiatrist: Dr. Archana Patel, M.D., FRCPC, Psych
Certified Diabetes Educator: Cathy Fox, RN, CDE
Registered Nurse: Alicia Thompson, RN
Certified Diabetes Educator: Saman Shaikh, RD, M.Sc., CDE
Occupational Therapist: Ashley Williams, MSc, OT Reg. (Ont.)
Mental Health Counsellor: Gary Glover, MSW,RSW
Health Promoter: Kara Irwin, RN
Yoga Therapist: Jill Dunkley, (CIYAT)


Executive Director:  Maggie Black
Program Manager:   Laura Baldwin
Elizabeth Bigelow –Administrative Assistant
Lindsay Beattie –Referral/Billing Coordinator
Tracy Riddell –Medical Receptionist
Valerie Young –Medical Receptionist
Martha MacLeod –Medical Receptionist
Karen Tryon –Medical Receptionist & Medication Renewal Assistant
Sandra Moase – Medication Renewal Assistant


Onsite Partner organizations:

Certified Foot Care Specialist, High Risk Foot Care ProgramJudy Vermeulen, RN

Community Patient Care Coordinator, Rural Kingston Health LinkKara Irwin, RN

Certified Respiratory Educator, ASTHMA program:  Jessica Schooley, RN, BScN, CRE  with KGH Primary Care Asthma Program (P-CAP)

Certified Addictions Counsellor:  Tamara Cicciarella, RP, CCAC with Addiction and Mental Health Services, KFLA

Ontario Telemedicine Nurse:  Heather Eagen, RN  with Ontario Telemedicine Network

Certified Respiratory Educator, COPD program:  Eric KrugerRRT with Praxair

Certified Respiratory Educator, CPAP clinic:  Melissa Smith, RN, BScN, CRE with Praxair

Low Vision SpecialistsAnne Chiarelli, RN, CLVT  with South East Ontario Vision Loss Rehabilitation Services
                                         Julia Foster, OT Reg. (ON)  with South East Ontario Vision Loss Rehabilitation Services