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Community Exercise

Join us for our 1 hour-long fitness classes led by our Occupational Therapist. Great workout music included!


MBSR means “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction”.  It  is an approach to self-care that helps deal with stress, pain and illness. The MBSR course teaches people to focus awareness on body sensations, thoughts, and emotions in a nonjudgmental way.

This course is modeled on the program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.  Kabat-Zinn’s program is the “gold standard” in such mindfulness training.

The course consists of an orientation session, intakes for new participants, eight weekly classes and one day-long class on a Saturday or Sunday. It is designed to introduce mindfulness practice as a way of reducing stress and developing greater balance, control and participation in one’s life. Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to whatever is happening in one’s life, including the challenges of stress, pain, illness and everyday demands

Walking Group

Walking is a great way to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, & stress! Meet with others at the clinic and head down your choice of several local trails. Help yourself to our walking poles, light hand weights, pedometers, & snowshoes to get the most out of your walk!

Yoga for Health & Wellness

Yoga therapy tailors the “tools” of yoga to the specific needs, capabilities, goals and life circumstances of the individual. These tools include postures, breath regulation, meditative practices, and lifestyle changes. The individual does not need to meet any requirement of fitness, age or health to start a yoga program. Often there is a focus on a specific health concern. From a medical standpoint, yoga therapy is highly valuable in regulating the function of the nervous system, which in turn can promote healing.  Yoga therapy aims to empower people in a healing process. Since healing comes only through regular practice, a key responsibility of the yoga therapist is to inspire and motivate clients to maintain a customized personal practice.  Yoga therapy is conducted either in private one-on-one sessions or in a therapeutic group class that is designed for individuals who share similar circumstances or concerns (e.g. depression, osteoporosis, back pain, diabetes, and chronic fatigue).

Community Cooking

Join us the 2nd Thursday of each month to cook up some delicious seasonal recipes! This group is run by our Registered Dietitian who leads an informative discussion & answers all your burning nutrition questions!

Craving Change

This is a how-to guide for improving eating habits. If you eat when you’re stressed or bored, get frustrated by weight loss programs, or want to feel more in control of your eating then this is the group for you.

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