Good nutrition is essential to staying healthy when you have diabetes. Eating a diet that is based on whole foods is one of the best things you can do. Book your appointment with our Dietitian today to discuss the best way for YOU to manage your diabetes through your diet.

Top 5 tips from our Dietitian:

  1. Drink water! Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks like pop, juice, iced tea, lemonade, sports drinks, slushies, smoothies, sweetened coffee drinks and chocolate milk.
  2. Eat breakfast, lunch and supper every day. Eat foods from 3 food groups at each meal.
  3. Eat more vegetables and fruit! Make half your plate vegetables at lunch and supper.
  4. Cook and eat at home more often.
  5. Get Active! Move your body any way that feels good to you.

Click HERE to check out Diabetes Canada for more information on healthy eating!

Click HERE to learn more about healthy lifestyle programs offered at the Sharbot Lake Family Health Team.

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