Deep in the Bones

led by Jill Dunkley, Health Promoter

Deep in the Bones is an 8-week, 16 class exercise program that adheres to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines.  It includes weight-bearing aerobic activity, muscle strengthening using free weights, and movements that improve balance, posture, and core strength.
This program is recommended for people who want to maintain good function in their daily lives — whether it’s gardening, carrying wood, yard work, and other jobs around the house.
Jill is Bone Fit certified through Osteoporosis Canada and has designed this program to be appropriate for people interested in maintaining bone health who are at moderate risk for fracture.

⇒ What to Expect

The Deep in the Bones program adheres to the physical activity guidelines as recommended by Osteoporosis Canada and includes:

    • Weight-bearing aerobic activity
    • Progressive resistance training
    • Balance training

This 8-week Deep in the Bones takes place virtually via Zoom and offers 16 classes, 2 days per week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

WEDNESDAY classes – The Wednesday classes include bone health information, adaptations to daily living, guidance for weight-bearing aerobic activity and free weights resistance training.

FRIDAY classes – The Friday mat classes emphasize mindful movements and includes endurance training of the postural muscles, safe “core” exercises, balance training and functional exercises for the upper and lower body.

How to Participate

* Participation is open to all patients and community members.
* There is no cost to participate.
* For new participants, completion of an intake interview with Jill Dunkley prior to participation is required.

To register,
* Please call Laura Baldwin, Program Manager at 613-279-2100 ext. 115
* or
* Space is limited

⇒ Upcoming Sessions

The next Deep in the Bones session will take place in Fall 2024

The Deep in the Bones program runs twice a year.