Mindful Movement

led by Jill Dunkley, Health Promoter

What is Mindful Movement?

Mindful movement can be used to describe any movement activity that is practiced mindfully by giving attention, presence, and intention to whatever form of movement it might be.  Common mindful movement practices include running, yoga, swimming, walking, tai chi, dance, or other activities.  The key difference between mindful movement and other forms of activity like exercise, sport, or fitness activities is the intent that we place on the practice.  We are not playing to win, to compare ourselves to others, to lose weight, or be part of a team.  We are practicing being fully present in the moment with a curious, accepting, and non-judgmental attitude.

There are other added benefits that can come with mindful movement when practiced regularly.  We all know that our lifestyles are generally too sedentary and for many of us it is difficult to find time for exercise.   Secondary benefits that can motivate us to practice include reduced anxiety, depression, and stress as well as improvement of cardiopulmonary health, balance, strength, sleep and support for lymphatic, digestive, and immune systems.

As if the physical and mental health benefits aren’t enough, there is evidence that mindful movement practices help us to become more connected and embodied in ways that develop the qualities of focus, concentration, self-awareness, self-compassion, kindness, and curiosity.

⇒  What to Expect

Mindful Movement uses a combination of gentle movement, breathing, awareness of body sensations and meditation to help participants become more mindful, learn how to take good care of themselves, develop their own internal resources, and integrate the benefits of mindfulness into their everyday life.
Mindful Movement is an 8-week program with classes lasting 90 minutes.  Participants also have access to 30-minute practice recordings that can be used to support a home practice during the rest of the week.

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this class will be delivered virtually, via Zoom. 

⇒  How to Participate

Participation is open to all patients and community members.
There is no cost to participate.
In order to experience the full benefits of the program, each candidate who enrolls in the program is encouraged to attend the weekly classes and use the shorter practice recordings throughout the week.
New participants to the program must complete an intake with the course facilitator, Jill Dunkley, prior to enrollment.

Please call to register as space is limited
*Call Laura Baldwin, Program Manager at 613-279-2100 ext. 115
email programs.slfht@gmail.com

⇒  Upcoming Sessions:

The next sessions of Mindful Movement will take place in Spring 2022. Registration is required.
Once the class is full, names will be added to the waitlist for the next session.
The Mindful Movement program runs 2 times per year.