Mission, Vision and Values


Working together with individuals, families and our rural community
to promote health, prevent disease and provide effective care
now and into the future.


  • Assist residents in the community by providing a comprehensive range of accessible medical care.
  • Health care in our community, including specialist services, should be available to everyone
  • Enabling healthy living in our community through prevention, treatment and education
  • A successful model of rural health care delivery
  • Delivering comprehensive health care to our community
  • Improve, support and maintain the best possible physical, social and mental health for people in the community served by the FHT
  • Work well with individuals, families, communities as a whole to optimize health and well-being
  • Work with partners to break down barriers to a healthier community
  • Make a difference to the people we serve


  • Empower all health care providers and staff
  • Provide comprehensive care
  • Foster trust and mutual respect
  • Value strengths and support differences