Diabetes Education Program

We offer both individual and joint appointments with the Certified Diabetic Educators to learn about:

– The basics of diabetes management
– The role of nutrition and exercise
– The importance of regular feet and eye screening
– Medication initiation and adjustments (as recommended by Dr.)

Group learning sessions are also available and offered on an as needed basis:

– Carbohydrate counting and label reading
– Heart health
– Craving Change
– Community Cooking classes

Our Diabetes Team

 Book an appointment for either one-on-one, or joint appointments with our Certified Diabetic Educators.  Consultations are by appointment only.

Contact Us

Cathy Fox , Registered Nurse Certified Diabetic Educator        Phone: 613-279-2100 ext. 109   Email: cathy.fox@kingstonhsc.ca

Saman Shaikh, Registered Dietitian Certified Diabetic Educator  Phone: 613-279-2100 ext. 111   Email: shaikhs.slfht@gmail.com


General Information

Are You at Risk?
Type II Diabetes

Monitoring Blood Sugar

Managing Your Blood Sugar
Highs and Lows


Just the Basics
Blood Pressure
Basic Carbohydrate Counting
Glycemic Index


Physical Activity and Diabetes
Benefits of Physical Activity
Introduction to Resistance Exercise

Feet & Eyes

Foot Care
Maintaining Healthy Eyes